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Ix Style 
Founded by siblings Francesca & John Kennedy whose family is originally from Guatemala. They were always concerned by the poverty, violence, lack of education, & alarming need for clean water plaguing Guatemala. Their mission is 
to provide clean drinking water to children. By buying one pair, you help provide clean drinking water a clean drinking water to children through water filtration systems and wells. Children who normally would walk miles a day to collect water can instead spend that time in school.  Education is the single most effective way to break the cycle of poverty.
Visit www.ix-style.com for more information!
Ix Style Poster Advertisment
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Ix Style Inserts for Hollywood Basket's MTV Teen Choice Awards Giftbags 
Ix Style Poster for the ENK Vegas International Trade Show for Magic Market Week.
Ix Style in The Daily Stylist Magazine from The Daily Front Row.
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